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Fit3D Body Scanning

 Fit3D is the club industry's most accurate 3d body scanner and Nisus Fitness Training Club is the first in Ireland to offer it FREE to members!

Why we use Fit3D at Nisus

Clothes vs Scales

At Nisus we believe you are much more than a number on a weighing scales. 

A healthy body composition is far more complex than its total mass and we prefer to see your body shape and size change over time while remaining a healthy weight for your height.

A healthy body has strong bones and muscles and these weigh a lot. Too often people lose important lean mass thinking they are losing fat

We like to help our clients lose inches and be comfortable with their body shape and not obsess with a number on a weighing scales. 

We prioritise health and therefore our focus is not on simply making you lighter but we want you to be stronger, fitter and healthier while also feeling good in your clothes. 

For these reasons we choose 3D Body Scanning as one of our methods of tracking your progress but also helping you stay accountable to your goals


Fit3D: Postural Assessment

In addition to Girth and Body Composition measurement the Fit3D can provide postural assessments. 

Alongside your Chartered Physiotherapist, your Nisus Personal Trainer can track how your posture  is changing over time. 

From there your Nisus Personal Trainer will work with your Physiotherapist to help you move and perform to the best of your ability. 

Non Members can also use our Fit3D

Nisus Members get a free 3D scan each month

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