Nisus Online Personal Training

Nisus Online Personal Training

Bespoke fitness and nutrition advice via the four pillars of Nisus Fitness which are


Exercise when, where and how you wish


Receive personalised programming to maximise results


Ask your trainer anything via text, email, Skype or Phone


Wearable technologies show how well you are training

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Online PT clients also have the opportunity to save 75% off the world renowned Precision Nutrition program which only opens twice a year and sells out in hours.
This is not an issue for Nisus members though as we are in partnership with Precision Nutrition and run their program exclusively for our clients significantly reducing the costs.

What our members have to say about Nisus Online Personal Training

Matt (44) Finally I found a system that works. I’ve tried training in gyms etc but always lacked the persistence to stay with them and lasted a few weeks before dropping out again. My goal was to break 21mins for 5km and I did after following my personlised online training plan from my personal trainer. I think the fact that the trainers can see what you are doing for each session gives you the initial motivation (and fear) to get you out and do it. There is great support from your trainer via emails, text, calls and they are always on hand to provide feedback and advice. My trainer could send me feedback once I uploaded it which was great. I couldn’t praise Nisus Online enough

Brendan (56) I began training with Nisus in preparation for a 800km cycle across France and a half marathon in February. My coach set me a training plan that involved running , cycling and active recovery sessions. My coaches genuine interest and encouragement in helping me achieve my goal was key to my successful cycle. His advice was invaluable in running a 9minute personal best for the 1/2 marathon and surviving 800kms in the saddle. Now onto the next challenge….a Marathon

Lorraine (37) The online post natal programme got me back on track after having my baby. The support from Nisus staff online has been on point. The use of various app’s keep me motivated by allowing me to track my personal plan, swim sets and walks. Before starting with Nisus Online I had some lower back pain daily but the exercises given almost made that disappear. I’m still participating online and it means I can do the exercises when and where suits me

Tadhg (38) The online training programme that I undertook with Nisus fitness allowed me to benefit remotely from the top training advice of highly qualified fitness professionals. It ensures that you have a focus when training by yourself rather than making it up as you go along. The wearable technology used by Nisus allows my online coach to track and if necessary tweak my fitness programme. My initial 12 week programme was broken into 3 blocks of 4 weeks which ensured that the exercises undertaken were kept fresh. I have lost approximately 10 lbs since starting the remote gym

Jamie (41) Nisus Online Personal Training is a modern take on exercise for people who lead busy lives. Nutrition, training programs and support from your coach is all at your finger tips. So whether you want to cut body fat, bulk up or slim down this the training of the future

Ross (40) With the help of my online coach I met my goal of running for 5km non stop so now i’m aiming for 10km! I’m delighted as I never thought I would be able to achieve what I have with an online coach. My legs feel a lot stronger than before and i’m running non stop so I’m definitely seeing and feeling the improvements

Carolann (50) Nisus Online is excellent as it has several different types of workouts to do and also you are able to log in to your workouts and keep tabs on yourself. I totally recommend it if you are interested in online training

Lizzie Lee, Rio Olympian In February 2015 I contacted Joe; I had a marathon pb of 2.38, a calf strain, and I had dreams of going to the Olympics. Roll on 16 months and I am off to the Olympics in August, with new marathon pb which I would have only dreamed of before I started training with Joe! He developed superbly tailored weekly plans for me which were achievable both physically and practically. I have no doubt that nisus fitness was a crucial factor in helping me on my road to the Olympics! Thanks a million Joe!!!

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