Nisus Fitness: A Members Perspective

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John has been a member of Nisus Fitness for 2 years and is currently completing a certificate in journalism. He chose Nisus as his feature and kindly agreed for his work to be posted as a guest blog


“We are a training club with the aim to provide a culture that motivates and encourages you to achieve your health and fitness goals in a challenging yet fun way.”  – so says Nisus Fitness founder Joe O’Connor, and as hard as it is to describe what makes Nisus unique in the fitness world, this pretty much summarizes the ethos and ideology that surrounds this popular training club in Tralee.
Joe, (better known as the Fitness & Performance Expert on RTE’s Ireland’s Fittest Family) and his qualified trainers are always on hand to remind you that it is a “training club” and not a “gym”. The word gym fills most people with dread at the thought of that long walk to the weights area, the feeble attempt to lift 5 kgs, followed by the equally embarrassing walk to the dressing room five minutes later ,reuniting with that large packet of crisps, vowing never to return again!

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The use of the term “Training club” is quite apt for Nisus Fitness, as when you walk in the door for the first time you get that unique feeling of camaraderie, friendliness and a quite obvious lack of egos that exists within the club mentality that Joe and his team have created and what largely contributes to its outstanding success.
As a very part-time long distance runner, I entered the doors of Nisus with the view that a “change is as good as a rest” as the long roads had taken its toll on my mind, body and soul! My first task was to have my overall health checked (BMI, body fat percentage, metabolic age, etc) – something which had never occurred to me in the past. The results were interesting to say the least – let’s just say that Usain Bolt is safe, for now!
It was at this point that the “sense of direction” quoted in the opening paragraph started to take place. Fitness, it was made clear to me, isn’t just about “putting in the miles” but is a lifestyle choice involving training, diet, and attitude. What I didn’t realize, at the time was that under Joe and his team, that I would have so much fun making that lifestyle choice and realizing my goals!
The Club itself has lots of various classes to suit everyone and a timetable that caters for all, starting with a class at 6:15am and finishing at 7pm in the evening. Circuit classes, light weights training, spinning, boxing, running technique classes are just some of the classes offered – all different in their style and intensity.
However, what makes Nisus stand head and shoulders above the rest is, even with over 200 members, you always feel that the attention is solely given to you. Your health and fitness goals are constantly discussed with the view that you are getting the most of your time there.
Nutrition is also a topic of huge interest and relevance to the experience in Nisus with Joe regularly giving talks on proper nutrition and eating habits.
Nisus’s most important ingredient to its success, which to me, is the reason for such a large volume of clients and huge rate of personal goals achieved within the training club, is the friendly, welcoming and good humored atmosphere that exists within the club.
As someone with two small children and lack of babysitting facilities nearby, it has become, for my wife and I, a haven for fun, sweat and tears! (and we are typical of the demographic within Nisus)
Even though we are constantly reminded by the increase in obesity levels, there also exists, an environment ,where for people of a certain age and circumstance, “exercising” is the new “going out”. “I can’t do the hangovers!” has been replaced with “I just ran a 10k!” and the results in terms of health, both physically and mentally are phenomenal.
All this has been made achievable and (whisper it!) even enjoyable in the capable hands of Joe and his well qualified trainers.
Just don’t call it a gym!


John has been a member of Nisus Fitness for 2 years and is currently completing a certificate in journalism.

He chose Nisus as his feature and kindly agreed for his work to be posted as a guest blog.

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