NISUS Fitness - MACRO 42 Nutritional System

MACRO 42 Nutritional System

The MACRO42 E-Book will be launching shortly but for now please read the background story to how Nisus founder Joe O Connor came up with the system & how he has used it with weight loss clients to All Ireland Champions.


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Macro 42 is a Nutritional System that I have developed over the past 10+ years. Since working as a fitness instructor & personal trainer, I always felt that my clients understood the importance of healthy nutrition & good eating but it was always so hard & complicated to apply to everyday life. Subsequently adherence to healthy eating was a daunting task that people lost more times than not. So off I went researching the recommendations of what healthy eating was from numerous sources & viewpoints which included a Masters Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science!


I didn’t need a DIET, they don’t work long term, I needed a system to help people make the right decision more often than the wrong decision. Something simple, something real, something that would let people live their lives to the full by getting the essential nutrients required by human beings. I needed a system for my clients to allow themselves cheat days, to allow themselves to socialize with family & friend’s guilt free, a system that would make grocery shopping easier, & a system that would make eating out easier!!

When 15 became 6

In my naivety & youthfulness I came up with 15 rules which obviously complicated things even further! This was also over 10 years ago. Since then I have narrowed the 15 original rules down to 6! MY goal is to eat like we were designed…”Eat a variety of foods & be active” We were hunter gathers of course! That variety gives us the opportunity to get as many of the essential nutrients into our bodies naturally.

The Tweaking Process to Personalisation

While adopting & tweaking the Macro 42 over the past 10 years I have found that with some extra cue’s you can adjust the system for a variety of people. I have used the Macro 42 with clients who strive to lose body fat, clients who want to build muscle mass, clients who want more energy or most commonly of all clients who simply want to eat healthy & don’t know the right decisions to make when presented with food choices. Can I please stress this is not one of those products that offers the sun, moon & stars! It’s a system to help people to try & eat healthier.


No pills, no supplements, no fads…….just eating real food often with an active lifestyle. Some of the original rules, but now cue’s, are phrases like “No Feeding after 7pm” or “Don’t eat breakfast cereals that you can turn to dust!” If a client was looking to lose body fat I would apply the “No Feeding after 7pm” cue to Rule 1 but if I had an athlete trying to recover from a hard gym session, yes of course, I would feed him/her in order to recover. Likewise, with some high GI (glycaemic index) breakfast cereals, I would be advising sports people to use them to speed up calorie intake but for body fat loss they would be one of the first things to go. This point alone shows that the context between Healthy Eating & Sports Nutrition is conflicting but context is the key. Ask yourself another old rule, “What are you feeding for?”


Before going any further into the Macro 42, I would like to express a warning. The Macro 42 does not replace the invaluable work of registered dieticians & I would strongly advise that you consult a qualified professional should you have any medical conditions rather than applying the Macro 42. Anybody can call themselves a nutritional advisor regardless of qualification.


Registered Dieticians are the most qualified people to discuss your diet with. Should you wish to find or consult a dietician I would strongly recommend that you contact the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI). A key role of the INDI is to ensure that the public are protected from unregulated or inappropriate advice on nutrition. Please be aware that Macro 42 is NOT regulated or affiliated to or by INDI. Macro 42 is a system used by Joe O Connor trading as Nisus Fitness in an attempt to help people with their physical fitness training.

Simplicity Vs. Depth

Macro 42 is a simple system, a system that tries to take the complexity away from healthy eating. Obviously with any simplified system there are aspects not addressed in order to retain simplicity. Therefore you may still have questions outside the 6 rules but that’s where the Macro comes into the Macro 42. The 6 rules are on the Macro Level, they are broad rules that aim to get the foundations of your diet correct. As you improve you can start looking at the Micro level. For example, people may ask about coffee, where’s the fish, I hear seeds & nuts are good!


All these elements are incorporated under the umbrella of the 6 rules below. Just because something is considered to be on the micro level does not mean it is less important that those on the Macro level but they were removed to make the system easier to understand. So while in consultation, I would regularly tweak & adjust a clients Macro 42 plan to include many other aspects depending on the context as outlined above. As with fitness, nutrition needs to be personalized! “One man’s food is another man’s poison”

The 6 Rules of the Macro 42

  1. Eat 6 Times a Day
  2. Eat the colours of the Rainbow daily
  3. Drink some water every hour of the day you are awake
  4. “White is Shite” aka “white isn’t bright” – Avoid white processed cereals
  5. No Fizzy Drinks
  6. No Fried Foods

There you have it! 6 rules for 7 days = 42pts. Please bear in mind there are many other factors & considerations to making your diet healthy & suitable for your needs but now you have a starting point. You can download the Macro 42 Food LOG & the Nisus Fitness Shopping List for free


The Macro 42 Nutritional System is copyrighted by Joe O Connor trading as Nisus Fitness.